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A major trend within the gaming industry has been the increasing popularity of Retro Games and Retro Gaming. The nostalgic effect these experiences provide to Retro Gamers is causing major video game companies such as Nintendo, PlayStation, and Sega to resurrect their vintage consoles. Old School Gaming is growing at a rapid pace and a new website recently opened up to accommodate the demand. Retro Gaming Store is a website that provides in depth guides pertaining to everything related to retro gaming, emulators, and other resources.

Old School Gaming

Old School Gamers are returning and providing the means to bring back some of the most nostalgic and glorious vintage gaming experiences. This movement will hopefully shift focus to retro gaming as a whole. Emulation is evolving as well and developers are beginning to focus on Retro Emulators as their primary focus. All in all, it’s important for Retro Gamer resources such as Retro Gaming Store to exist due to the massive amount of benefits that result from their efforts.