Showtime insists Steven Spielberg Halo TV show is still in development

Showtime insists Steven Spielberg's Halo TV show is still in the works
Waiting for the Halo show has us like…

Over five years ago, Microsoft revealed the Xbox One. The all-in-one entertainment system that brings music, movies, TV, and groundbreaking video games to your living room in one box. On paper, it’s not a bad idea but the reveal was perceived as pretty rough by fans. The now infamous reveal event is remembered for “Sports! TV! Call of Duty! Sports! TV! Kinect!” but one thing that came from that event was a live-action Halo TV show from Steven Spielberg that would air on the premium TV channel, Showtime.

The show has been in “development” for years with no news of casting, plot details, or any real updates other than it’s still happening. A Halo 5 tie-in show came and went along with the release of the game and as we gear up for the inevitable Halo 6 reveal, we’re all anxious to hear what has come of Steven Spielberg’s project. Speaking to TV Guide, Showtime CEO David Nevins insists that the show is “still in very active development”.

He even went on to say that he’s seen scripts and Showtime exec Gary Levine added that they’re excited about where the show is going.

“I’m encouraged by what we’ve seen so far,” Levine said while adding that fans of Halo and regular viewers will appreciate what the show has to offer. It’s likely that Showtime and Spielberg himself want to make sure they get it perfect before they not only invest tons of money into bringing Halo to life but also have to face the wrath of fans if the show were to go awry.

Live action adaptations of video games have a history of going poorly and Halo fans have been left with average at best web series’ like Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall. Halo fans were even teased with a potential Halo film produced by Lord of the Rings and King Kong director Peter Jackson and directed by District 9 director Neil Blomkamp. That film failed to surface but it left fans wanting something that could scratch that itch. Maybe one day if this Halo show ever sees the light of day, it’ll prove to fans that it was worth the wait.

Steven Spielberg is currently gearing up to release his nerd dream movie Ready Player One which features iconic entertainment characters like The Iron Giant, Duke Nukem, and borrows elements from properties like Akira, Back to the Future, and more. Halo even plays a role with characters using the recognizable assault rifle from the game in battle, it remains to be seen if any other Halo items or characters will pop up in the film.

Ready Player One releases in theaters this March.

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