Ralph 2.0 : the new trailer has the air of Ready Player One


Ralph 2.0 has just unveiled a new trailer. And you get the feeling that the last film of Steven Spielberg was inspired by the world at Disney.
It is always exciting to see what are the works that infuse almost instantly in the pop culture. Thus, in the last few years a number of works of apocalyptic planted out a large part of the design of Ready Player One. Nothing awful in there, the works have always influenced each other.

And this new trailer for Ralph 2.0 truly gives the feeling that Disney went to tap on the side of Ready Player One. Although we think of the last film of Steven Spielberg (a clue for you : it is of the ball), there are a lot of elements.
The idea of a hub virtual saturated with references to pop culture (here used in order to place amount of references to the productions), some of the colors that typing clearly on the side of the neon 80s, or even the race drum beating led by an independent woman. And where this match becomes exciting, is when one realizes that this figure has of course been updated by Mad Max : Fury Road and it is determined o how the network cuts between pieces pop is exciting.
In short. On January 23, 2019, we will be able to discover the adventure digital, which the trailer promises us plenty of beautiful things.


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