Lock City Anime and Comic Con Announces ‘Ready Player One’ Contest


Lock City Anime and Comic Convention has recently announced its own “hunt for the keys,” à la Ready Player One.
Three Easter eggs will be hidden around the entirety of Connecticut for attendees to discover. On October 20, the first riddle will be posted on the Convention’s Facebook and Instagram pages. As in Ready Player One, this and both subsequent riddles will lead players to each Easter egg or key.
To receive credit for a found Easter egg, players are asked to post a picture with the key to Instagram and tag the convention’s account. They are then asked to return the key to the spot they found it in, in the condition they found it in.
A leaderboard will also be up on social media. Scoring will follow the example of Ready Player One as well: the first person to find a key will receive 50,000 points, with the second through fifth finders receiving 10,000 less points as per their slot.

Ultimately, the three players with the highest scores will be awarded. The grand prize is the chance to run the convention day of. They’ll have the opportunity to receive an item from all guests and exhibitors. There has not been any word on what the follow-up prizes will be, but we think it’s safe to say they will be just as exciting.
The contest will officially end on May 1, 2019, and the convention itself will be on July 27, 2019, at the Best Western Plus in North Haven, Connecticut. For more information on the con, check out our hub page for it here.


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