Half Time IS Game Time At Football HOF This Weekend


Although it’ll be a short day at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it will still be a great day for some band in Canton, OH!The 2018 Bands of America Northeast Ohio Regional is heading to your screens this Saturday, October 13, starting at 9:30 AM ET! Revere (OH) will start off the prelims competition and New Philadelphia will wrap it up around 4 PM ET before we find out the results from the first half of the day!A few Ohio bands will be looking to make a splash in Saturday’s competition, however—and they’ve got numbers on their side. You’re going to want to see this.12:15 PM ET Worthington Kilbourne (OH)From Columbus, OH, Worthington Kilbourne takes the field this Saturday with their 2018 show entitled “If These Stones Could Sing.” The show draws inspiration from recent studies of the mysterious prehistoric monument Stonehenge by the Royal College of Art. The RCA speculates that the stones of Stonehenge could have been used as instruments during ceremonies due to their resonance properties when struck with a hammer or other object. Worthington Kilbourne takes this idea and brings it to life using music selections from John Mackey, Bjork, and Eric Whitacre. Worthington Kilbourne is also set to take the field this weekend with 160 members—up from just 65 in 2012. The music, show concept, and larger band is sure to wow audiences this Saturday.2:00 PM ET Kettering Fairmont (OH)This year, Kettering Fairmont (OH) from near Dayton, OH takes audiences on a trip through our own imagination with their show called “The Edge of Imagination.” Kettering Fairmont traces imagination through the eyes of the writer, using famous playwright Shakespeare as a medium. They go on to explore a composers imagination set to the music of Bach, and take viewers into the not so distant future to view virtual imagination set to the music of Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One.” The drumline during this feature wears VR goggles while set before large skyscraper background props. Kettering Fairmont looks to be one of the largest groups on the field in Canton this weekend with a whopping 263 members, making them one of the largest groups to attend the regional!3:15 PM ET Fairfield (OH)Fairfield (OH) of southwestern Ohio is set to make their BOA debut this Saturday with the 2018 production “The Rock”—depicting a daring escape from the infamous Alcatraz Island. Set against props resembling San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, “The Rock” uses original music from composer Randall Standridge. Fairfield’s production takes the audience through various stages of emotions from the inmates arrival to the prison, their longing for freedom, devising an escape plan, and the escape attempt. There are several key features throughout the show, including a duet between a French horn and a baritone during the ballad, a flute solo during the same movement, a saxophone quartet in the third movement, and a closing reprisal of the French Horn/baritone duet during the suspenseful finale. This is a show you won’t want to miss from the Fairfield Indians Marching Band.


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