First Look: R-CADE retro gaming and instant ramen bar

It materialised at the Saltmarket at the end of last month. R-CADE is a place for people who love retro gaming, and like to eat instant noodles. That’s the two activities available, to be enjoyed with likeminded people. You’ll find a tasty Asian snack menu and a host of video games stretching back over 40 years. Ready Player One.

Take a spot at the Japanese-style snack bar, which includes nods to modern pop culture, and pick up snacks including Pocky and Hello Panda. There’s Asian drinks like Ramune Soda, Pokka Milk, unusual Fantas and a range of teas and coffee.

Games consoles are set up and ready to play, housed in arcade style display cabinets. From Atari to Mega Drive to Xbox with all the games console in between; the games rotate on a two day and weekly schedule.

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