Disney Files Patent for “Moving Floor” Technology to Use in VR


Disney may be ramping up its efforts to push the boundaries of VR. A new patent was filed that shows Disney is trying to create a moving floor, which will allow guests to “walk” in a variety of virtual environments.

The technology sounds very similar to the omni-directional treadmill which was used in Ready Player One.

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From Blooloop…
The first uses a vibration technology which increases and also reduces the friction to the user’s feet. This will influence the direction the user walks and prevent them from walking into walls.
The second solution uses a number of rotating disks that can be tilted to influence the direction of the user. The disks can be can be rotated independently or as a whole to guide the user away from obstacles.
The third solution uses magnets on the user’s shows and also a “treadmill” beneath the floor. The user walking would move the magnetic treadmill, allowing the user to walk forever and stay in the same spot in the room.
What this technology is going to be used for is up for speculation, but it could be for the next generation of immersive experiences such as The Void.
Earlier this year, Disney also filed a patent for a Force jacket, which allows users to feel impacts within virtual worlds.
[Source: Blooloop]

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